Buckinghamshire town leaders raised the alarm following an HS2 contractor’s improper behaviour.

The construction of the high-speed railway is underway across Bucks as HS2 and its contractors work to complete the 10 mile long Chiltern tunnel.

Now the Chesham MP Sarah Green and Amersham Town councillor Mark Roberts have spoken out after a supplier for HS2 contractor EKFB was found to have taken water in Amersham without permission.

Sarah Green MP was “alarmed” after hearing of the abstraction of water without a licence.

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She said: “The construction of HS2 is already placing pressure on our local water supply and chalk streams

“That this was taking place this summer while the rest of us were being asked to conserve water during a drought shows a total lack of regard for their environmental responsibilities.

“Equally troubling is how long it took HS2 Ltd to come clean to local representatives who raised the issue with them.

“It is yet another attempt to avoid scrutiny.”

The matter came to light after concerned residents and the manager of the Chilterns Crematorium spotted HS2 tankers in town.

Councillor Mark Roberts of Amersham Town Council began chasing the matter in his personal capacity.

He said: “A manager from the Chilterns Crematorium had expressed concern during a conference call with HS2 about tankers using the layby by their entrance.  This coincided with similar comments I’d heard from residents.  It was all rather mysterious, so I started asking questions.

“HS2 initially denied that the tankers were anything to do with them.  But after making contact with councillors at Little Missenden Parish Council, and comparing notes, they were able to gather evidence that the tankers were indeed supplying HS2’s contractor, EKFB.

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“I, alongside the LMPC councillors, pursued HS2 and their contractors for answers about what had been going on.

“The Chiltern aquifer is critical to water supplies and the ecology of our area so water abstraction is meant to be strictly controlled.  The more HS2 resisted answering, the more I believed I was onto something.”

Eventually the “persistent questioning” and intervention by the local MP led to the “admission by HS2 that their supplier had indeed been taking water without the correct permissions,” Mr Roberts said.

Following the revelation, HS2 confirmed it has now terminated the supplier’s contract.

A spokesperson for HS2 Ltd said: “We have been working closely with Affinity Water to investigate reports of one of our suppliers using water hydrants near Amersham without permission earlier this year.

“This activity was totally unacceptable and their contract has now been terminated.”

The MP said she had written to the Environment Agency, Affinity Water, DEFRA Secretary Ranil Jayawardena and Secretary of State for Transport Anne-Marie Trevelyan calling for better monitoring of HS2’s impact.