Halloween is around the corner, so here are some of the locations, where Buckinghamshire residents have reported strange happenings. 

Many historical Buckinghamshire locations are rumoured to have paranormal activity ranging from unexplained shadows, footsteps to haunted horse riders to get you spooked.

Through centuries, people have told tales of their encounters with spirits, and passed down stories of famous ghosts at places like the Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe.

Now ghost hunter Paul Lee has compiled people’s stories of the most haunted buildings across the UK. 

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Here is a list of some of the spookiest Bucks spots and what people have experienced there.

Church of St Lawrence Hill

Eyewitness accounts claim to have seen the infamous Lord Dashwood – politician, libertine and founder of the Hellfire Club – riding his horse up to the hill to the church.

The church was known as a gathering place for the members of Hellfire Club for gambling and other vices. 

Where: West Wycombe Hill, HP14 3AP

Dashwood Mausoleum

“Paul Whitehead is said to walk here; he was a member of the Hellfire Club and when he died his heart was placed in an urn here - it was reported to be later stolen, “ Paul Lee said.

Where: 44 Church Lane, HP14 3AH

The Hellfire Caves

The West Wycombe Caves have a colourful history dating back to 1748 when their excavation began for Lord Dashwood, who – together with members of the Hellfire Club – used the caves for debauchery and gambling. The caves have been a tourist attraction since mid-19th century.

A phantom young woman called Sukie in white clothes has been reported to live in the caves. The tragic tale says she received a letter from a man she was infatuated with, asking her to come to the caves in bridal wear so the couple could elope.

Instead, she found three local ruffians, and she threw a rock at them. One retaliated and she fell down injured, later dying of her injuries, Paul Lee’s databased recalls.

Other versions of the story say the young woman was carried back to her workplace, The George And Dragon, before she died.

Another ghost, seen in the caves or outside, is said to be that of Paul Whitehead, a fellow Hellfire Club member.

Allegedly his heart was removed, placed in an urn in the mausoleum and later stolen. Ever since his phantom is reported to be seen holding his chest where his heart should be.

Visitors to the caves have also reported the sensation of cold hands, footsteps, unexplained cool areas and mysterious lights.

Where: Church Lane, HP14 3AH

The George And Dragon

A ghost of a barmaid called Sukie or Suki has been blamed for items going missing – the same ghost living in Hellfire Caves.

Paul Lee said: “She met her fate at the nearby Hell Fire Caves and one version of the story is that she was brought back to this pub, mortally wounded.

“Footsteps have been heard on the main staircase and are attributed to a man in the 18th century who was robbed and murdered in his room.”

Where: High Street, HP14 3AB

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West Wycombe House

Keep your eyes peeled for a phantom lady in the Music Room hosts a phantom lady, who is rumoured to be no other than the mother of Lord Dashwood himself.

Also, a smiling monk has reportedly been spotted on the ground floor.

Where: HP14 3AE

Loakes Road

The ghost of a young lady killed in a riding accident is reportedly riding in silence along Loakes Road before vanishing before she reaches Loakes House.

Where: Rutland Street, HP11 2LL

Wycombe Swan Theatre

Eyewitness reports claim a lady in Tudor clothes walks among the pillars in The Oak Room, tablecloths have been found crumbled up on the floor, lights switch on, doors opened and a suddenly vanishing figure sat in the circle.

Hospitality General Manager Rob Carr told Pete Lee in January 2022: “I’m not aware of anything personally, of course theatres are well known to be sources of sightings, and the Old Town Hall is over 120 years old so who knows."

Where: St Mary Street, HP11 2XE

High Wycombe Station

Footsteps were reportedly heard on the tracks and outside the ticket office as well as the sound of running on the platform.

Where: Amersham Hill, HP13 6NN

Hughenden Manor

The sightings include the ghost of Benjamin Disraeli, perfume or cologne scent in Disreali's old study, and a young woman haunting the woods behind the manor.

The House and Collections Manager Rob Bandy told Pete Lee in September 2021:  "We are aware that we are listed in several volumes as having had ghostly sightings or unexplained events, however, I am afraid to say that during my tenure of the last decade, none have been reported to me.

“Traditionally, people have presumed that Disraeli haunts the mansion, but there are not really the reports to begin to back this up."

Where: Hughenden Manor, HP14 4LA

Wycombe Museum

Reports include a woman phantom seen walking on the outer bank of the bailey to Priory Avenue towards the train station.

Museum staff have reported a drop in temperature on the top floor.

The museum director Hannah Ellams told ghost hunter Pete Lee in September 2020: "I am afraid I have not seen anything odd over the last 6 years and have always felt very calm/safe in the building.

“I believe people say it is outside our building as we had a Saxon grave discovered at the gate."

Where: Priory Avenue, HP13 6PX

The Chiltern Taps

Paul Lee said: “Once known as the William Robert Loosley, heavy footsteps and doors opening and closing by themselves were reported here.”

Where: Oxford Road, HP11 2DN

King George V

Shadows are said to briefly appear on the walls despite no physical counterparts.

Where: 680 London Road, HP11 1HE