TIME and time again the legendary Beast of Bucks makes an appearance with big cat watchers reporting sightings often on social media.

The mysterious creature has been spotted prowling the streets of High Wycombe countless times with a number of people spotting a 'puma sized cat' i the county.

Just last month, a 'large Labrador sized black cat was seen lurking in our countryside - and the latest sighting was near Cokes Lane in Amersham.

The Free Press has created an interactive map displaying where the Beast of Bucks has been seen over the years.

October 2022

Big Cats of the Chilterns, a group of investigators who have long been trying to prove the existence of these animals in the area, say they had a sighting of what they believe was a 'large Labrador sized black cat' on Wednesday, October 19.

Sharing the news on their Facebook page, they told how the large black cat was moving towards the east of Chesham."

May 15

A 'Large sandy coloured cat' seen in Hodgemoor Woods, near Coleshill.

They said they had a sighting of what they believe was a puma on Sunday, May 15. 

September 17/8 2021

Reports of a 'sandy-coloured puma' wandering near Beaconsfield.

Big Cats of the Chilterns had a report from Prestwood of what looked like a lynx seen crossing the road on September 17, saying: "Described as heavily built cat about two feet tall with ear tufts. Spotted and stripped patterning on the fur and had very large paws.

A "large black leopard" was also apparently spotted roaming around the north east edge of Beaconsfield on September 8, near Beaconsfield Golf Course.

May 2021

A scared Widmer End resident described seeing a 'large dog-sized black cat'.

One resident, in Widmer End, posted on social media site NextDoor to warn her neighbours about what she saw in the early hours of the morning.

On May 10, she wrote: "I live down Windmill Lane and at 4am this morning I am sure I saw a big black cat in my front garden.

April 2021

A High Wycombe walker got a huge shock when she spotted what she thought was a puma in a popular woodland.

Natalie Godliman said that despite long-term rumours of big cats lurking in the Chilterns, she always thought they were a myth – until she saw what she described as a tan-coloured puma around Keep Hill Woods on Thursday.

She said she has lived in the area for 29 years and visits the woods every day but has never seen anything like that before.

November 2018

Terrified driver calls 999 after spotting a mysterious creature in the dead of night.

Paulo Nicolaides, who has dedicated his life to wild cat research after developing an interest in the mystery creatures when he was a young boy, reported the latest incident on his ‘Big Cats of the Chilterns’ blog.

He said: “On Friday the 30 of November one of Buckinghamshire’s Pumas became a reality for yet another person."

Thames Valley Police confirmed it was called to reports of a cat sighting in Princes Risborough but did not attend because it was “not a police matter”.

February 2007

A Wycombe man got the shock of his life while out walking his dog on The Rye when he spotted the animal.

Danny Latham-Symes, of Colbourne Road, was by the river near London Road, last Saturday evening at around sunset.

Mr Latham-Symes told Midweek: "My dog stopped in his tracks and stood dead still. His eyes were fixed on the tree line on the opposite bank of the river. 

"As I moved to where he stood, I too caught a glimpse of what I believe to be a mountain lion, which is more commonly known as a puma."

January 2006

The Beast of Bucks was  spotted on the prowl by a cafe owner walking through the Chequers estate.

Heather Brown, who lives in Terrick, south of Aylesbury, was trying out a hiking route in the grounds of the Prime Minister's retreat to plan an outing for the Risborough Area Business Group.

She was walking near the ridgeway at 3pm when she saw a three-foot high cat padding around 150 yards away.

October 2003

In 2003, a walker told of his shock after encountering the Beast of Bucks – a large predatory cat thought to be a panther.

Ernie Carey, from Ickenham, near Uxbridge, had been driving for 30 minutes in Cookham with his wife Barbara when he spotted the animal in Terry's Lane.

He described the animal as "jet black and was at least 2ft high and about 4ft long"