A MAN who has collected more than 100 wheelie bins has detailed his passion hoping to add a purple bin to his repertoire.

German collecter Alexander Smoljanovic contacted the Free Press in the hope of finding a purple bin to his ever growing collection.

His passion for dustbins began 15 years ago when his neighbour worked for the local waste service and gave him four miniature bins.

Ever since then, he's collected more than 300 miniature wheelie bins. He also has more than 100 full sized bins lined up in his garden.

Mr Smoljanovic said: "I started collecting real wheelie bins. My collection includes over 100 reals wheelie bins.

"I have miniatures and real wheelie bins from USA, Australia, France, UK, and Germany. Almost every colour is available. The most valuable colours are purple, gold, silver, and transparent.

"Every time I’m searching a special wheelie bins I’ll contact the local newspaper. Now I had over 80 articles in past and every time was very successfully with my search."

Alexander said he would offer money for a specific bin but people have been kind enough to donate their unwanted bin for free.

"The people are surprised and fascinated about my hobby. Many brands and models went lost in the past 20 years. And that’s why I collect special old things to save history. Some people tell me: “Now I consider my wheelie bin from another angle”.

Now Alexander hopes to ada a 45 litre purple bin to his collection, but it's only available in the UK.

Bucks Free Press:

"The purple from the SULO-BOX was made in 2010 and is much lighter. The purple from 2002 is even darker and more beautiful," he said.

"A British collector from Buckinghamshire sent me pictures from his purple SULO 240l which was made from 2002 - 2006 for glass collection. After that I noticed that two different versions of purple existed. Now I’m looking for a purple SULO 240l in very good condition from 2002."

Do you have a purple SULO 240 litre you can donate to Alexander?