Two members of High Wycombe’s LGBT community recently attended a protest outside the Qatari embassy in London.

Tia Latham, who identifies as an intersex transgender woman, and Charley Grabczak, who identifies as a gay man, joined thousands of people who descended to the St Audley Street location within the capital on Saturday, November 19.

The movement was in protest against the Gulf State country currently hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, in which they have been slammed regarding numerous controversies.

Bucks Free Press: Tia Latham outside the Qatari embassy in LondonTia Latham outside the Qatari embassy in London (Image: (Tia Latham - Instagram))

Qatar, which is the smallest nation to ever host football’s largest tournament, have been lambasted over its human rights record and alleged financial corruption.

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It has been accused that several migrant workers have died when building the country’s state-of-the-art stadiums from heatstroke due to the nation’s hot weather, along with officials paying off FIFA with bribes to secure the tournament.

Furthermore, as a country under Islamic law, anyone found to have committed acts of homosexuality could face a fine, a prison sentence, or even the death penalty.

However, according to official data, capital punishment has not been used in Qatar when dealing with a crime related to the LGBT community.

Bucks Free Press: The protest took place on November 19The protest took place on November 19 (Image: Tia Latham - Instagram)

Tia, who along with Charley were attacked in High Wycombe for being transgender and gay, said: “It is as if we are going back in time.

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“To host a tournament in a country that is against the LGBT community is saying it’s OK to treat us differently.

Bucks Free Press: Charley GrabczakCharley Grabczak (Image: Instagram)

“I love football, my dad is an Arsenal fan and I really like watching it, and I like watching the World Cup and seeing all the different nations play each other.

“But we’re nearly in 2023 and it’s so concerning that these laws are still around.”

The World Cup will end on December 18.