A HEARTBROKEN family are devastated after losing their 'caring' little boy who died after contracting Strep A bacteria.

Muhammad Ibrahim Ali, aged four, died at his home on Monday, November 14, after suffering a cardiac arrest. 

He was given antibiotics to treat a rash on his body prior to his death, but was also suffering with a cough and complained of stomach pains.

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His funeral was held yesterday, where his family attended and teaching staff from the Oakridge School and Nursery in High Wycombe.

Mum Shabana Kousar described having a close bond with her little boy.

“The loss is great and nothing will replace that. He was very helpful around the house and quite adventurous, he loved exploring and enjoyed the forest school, his best day was a Monday and said how Monday was the best day of the week.

"He also had a very close bond with his dad. He was his best friend and went everywhere with him. He just wanted to be with him." 

Shabana's sister-in-law Azra Ali contacted the Free Press hoping to make parents aware of the virus.

The school teacher from Leeds is staying with the family in High Wycombe to support them.

She said: "Whatever his body was trying to fight his heart couldn’t handle it. It's shocking and I feel really upset. He was a lovely little boy, but we don’t see him often, we live in Leeds. It's heartbreaking as he was the sweetest little boy.

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"When his mum was working he’d help her, he was a man in a little boy's body. He had quite a few friends at school, the teachers were distraught. They were telling us stories we didn’t know.

"He was getting ready to start Islamic studies, he was excited about getting his new outfit for the mosque."

Azra explained what happened to Ibrahim prior to his death.

Ibrahim developed a rash and was rushed to the doctors, where he was issued antibiotics.

He suffered with a high temperature and complained on the Sunday night (November 13) that he wasn't feeling well.

He was taken to the doctors the following morning but was told to go home and have calpol and water, his family claim. 

That evening, Muhammad Ibrahim suffered breathing difficulties and went into a cardiac arrest and died.

The family were told he had iGAS in his blood stream for a month. 

The UK Health Security Agency confirmed this is a very rare case, where the "infection can become invasive (iGAS) and enter parts of the body where bacteria aren’t normally found, which can be serious."

Azra, a teacher from Leeds, expressed her concerns for the Strep bacteria.

She said: "When I found out about my nephew, I just thought there’s something there. Parents are unaware of the symptoms. It's not a disease, the boy died on the same evening, he was slowly dying even though she [Shabana] made several trips to the doctors. 

"The more we stress it out and let people know, the more people can come forward and are aware of symptoms."