There has been a fresh big cat sighting on the verge of the M40 after recent reports of a “puma” wandering around Wycombe.

Earlier this week, the ‘Big Cats of the Chilterns’ group, which investigates reports of unusual sightings in the area, said they have received information about a sandy coloured puma cat near Loudwater and Flackwell Heath.

Since then, a report has been made to the Bucks Free Press after a driver saw a “huge” sandy-coloured big cat on the grass verge along the M40 as she headed towards the M25.

Esme Choules said: “I’ve been scrolling my phone looking for wild cat sightings in bucks as have just seen a huge sandy, tanned big cat on the grass verge along the M40 towards the M25!

“I wish I was quick enough to get a photo!

“The road is busy there must be others who saw this?”

There have long been apparent sightings of big cats in Buckinghamshire, which led to reports of  the legendary "Beast of Bucks" lurking in the countryside.

Most recently, Big Cats of the Chilterns had three reports from Flackwell Heath of what looked like a puma this month.

The group said: "Ok guys I have had a few sightings trickle in over the past two weeks.

"We have had a couple of sandy coloured cat, presumed puma sightings on the fringes of Flackwell Heath....also three sightings of a large black panther looking cat near Ivinghoe Beacon and the Dunstable area.

"This seems to fit in with the line of travel I hypothesised but no concrete evidence just sightings..... “

A "large Labrador sized black cat" was also apparently seen roaming in fields within the East Amersham area on Wednesday, October 19.

They also had a report of a High Wycombe walker spotting a sandy-coloured puma in Hodgemoor woods.

A shocked neighbour reported seeing a "big black cat" that was "over a metre long" in Windmill Lane in Widmer End on May 10, 2021 while walker Natalie Godliman told the Bucks Free Press in April she saw a "tan-coloured puma" in Keep Hill Woods in High Wycombe