With the New Year comes a time when we want to get our homes neat and tidy for the rest of the annum.

This can include sorting through cupboards, rearranging furniture, and giving the house a quick dust.

However, the latter can often be more challenging than is sometimes presented as dust always seems to come back.

To help deal with this, many are turning to popular social media apps like TikTok to learn new dusting hacks that, in some cases, are dangerous.

One such home cleaning hack recommended by users on the video-sharing site has been criticised as a fire hazard by expert, Scott Jones, over at Pink Storage.

The viral TikTok hack that could burn down your house

Bucks Free Press: Canva - One TikTok cleaning hack has been warned against by an expertCanva - One TikTok cleaning hack has been warned against by an expert (Image: Canva)

Scott Jones was quick to point out the flaws in this viral TikTok hack involving the use of a water and fabric conditioner mixture to stop dust from forming on surfaces.

The technique would see cleaners wipe down surfaces with this mixture to keep them dust-free.

However, Scott says: "While the videos show dust-free surfaces, what they don't show is that the dust will have accumulated elsewhere in the home such as on your carpets and furniture.

"This makes the hack useless as you have moved the dust rather than getting rid of it, but that isn't the biggest problem with this hack.  

"Fabric conditioner is highly flammable and smearing your home in this liquid is very dangerous.

"If a fire were to break out in your home this hack would make the fire spread much quicker endangering the lives of everyone in your home."

Other variations on the TikTok hack

Other variations on this TikTok hack include the use of other oils such as olive oil.

Scott says "While olive oil isn't classed as flammable it is combustible meaning that it can burn if the temperature gets high enough.  

"In a typical house fire, temperatures can reach 1000 degrees Fahrenheit making this alternative hack just as risky."

Safer alternatives to the fabric conditioner dust hack

Bucks Free Press: Canva - There are safer alternatives to this cleaning hackCanva - There are safer alternatives to this cleaning hack (Image: Canva)

According to Scott: "The biggest problem with this hack is that it simply isn't safe.  

"Alternative versions of the hack also put your life and family at risk too, therefor in this instance, it's best not to use this hack to clean your home.

"If you want to get rid of the dust in your home there are safer alternatives."

Adding: "While not groundbreaking or cool enough to go viral, the best way of getting rid of dust in your home is to vacuum it at least twice a week."

Dust is made up of a number of particles coming into your home, so giving it a good hoover is a great way to stop the spread of these particles to other surfaces.

Scott says: "When vacuuming your home concentrate on the areas with the most footfall.  

"Hoovering can be a tedious activity, but if you can do it at least twice a week you will see a significant decrease in the dust in your home."

He also says the use of microfibre cloth is another cheap and effective way of removing dust but adds: "If you still have problems with dust after you have hoovered twice a week and have wiped down your furniture with a microfibre cloth then you could have a clutter issue."

Clutter can create an environment where dust multiplies. If you do have clutter in your home get rid of it as it will make your cleaning sessions quicker too.