THE fabled ‘beast of Bucks’ may have been spotted again.

A person driving through Wendover Woods in Aylesbury said they spotted a black panther inside the woodland.

According to the website Big Cats of the Chilterns, over the last 10 years there have been a number of alleged sightings of 'big cats' in the region of Buckinghamshire, most recently in November 2022 when a woman saw a “huge” sandy-coloured big cat on the grass verge along the M40 as she headed towards the M25.

Other sightings have been reported towards the end of last year, with three reports coming in of sightings in Flackwell Heath of what looked like a puma.

The group wrote on social media: "Many of you will be very familiar with the continuous sightings of black leopard like animals we get from Wendover. In the past these have also been accompanied with reports of repetitive roaring and rumbling sounds.

"Such (sawing) sounds are typical vocalisations of leopards in their native ranges. Such behaviour is used to communicate an animal of its presence to others for both territorial and mating purposes.

"Such behaviour here could most likely suggest multiple animals coexisting."

The creature has been dubbed locally as 'the Beast of Bucks'.

Do you live in Aylesbury? Have you had any big cat sightings?