A 14-year-old boy was rescued by firefighters after falling into a frozen pond.

Fire crews were called to Bridge Street, Buckingham on Wednesday, January 25, shortly after 3pm.

One appliance and crew was called to assist with the rescue.

The 14-year-old boy was seen in the icy water of a pond.

Bucks Fire and Rescue service said: "The boy was out of the pond when they arrived.

"The firefighters provided immediate emergency care and used a thermal blanket. They also provided advice."

The fire service warned people that water temperatures will still be freezing.

Even if ice has thawed people should still stay safe around any outdoor water sources.

They said: "Please stay safe if you are around any outdoor water sources. If you, or someone you are with, slips or finds themselves immersed, be aware of the risk of cold water shock, or potential for hypothermia, and how to deal with them to minimise the risk."