I have spent long hours searching my computer for the photographs above, eventually deciding that they must have been deleted and lost forever. 

Likewise I could not trace the originals – which proves my filing systems could be improved.

However, they showed again up just last week – I had labelled them, without other details, under the name of the person who had originally given them to me and who was the cameraman responsible.

It was the late Alan Holmes, a well-known Marlow photographer who often worked on a freelance basis for the Bucks Free Press. 

All date from the 1960s / 70s and are as follows: top left – the annual “Roll Out the Barrel” race that used to take place on a Sunday morning between The Plough and The Marlow Donkey.

Probably would not be allowed these days by the dreaded Health & Safety officials, and, anyway, Glade Road is now always choked with cars either parked or driving down with difficulty.

Some faces look familiar: by the gateway is Tommy Dunham, a Lloyds bank employee but well known in the world of local entertainment. 

Top right – unrecognisable today, this is Star Meadow looking north from the Wycombe Road and prior to being sold as part of the Rookery Estate.

It is now built over as Green Verges and Spring Gardens. Just along the road, middle left - the last days of the Oak Tree Stores, one of several little independent provision shops finally doomed by the arrival of superstores. Just a grassy triangle is there now. 

Middle right, a spectacular brewer’s dray with passengers on board. Possibly a Wethered’s publicity event. On the right is Currall’s High Street garage and car showrooms.  

Bottom left – I was very sad to see Hunts Hardware in Station Road close down last year: they are greatly missed, but on this site used to be Reeves Decorating Supplies, and next door, the early days of Richard Silver’s Barber Shop.

I’m afraid I have forgotten the name of the little dress shop that adjoined Richard’s, and the fascia sign is unreadable.

Might have been Mary somebody or other. Perhaps a knowledgeable reader will remind me.  

Finally the picture we can date precisely, and exactly 60 years old this month.

The bad winter of late 1962 and early 1963 saw the deepest snowfall for a long while and icy conditions remained until late March.

Despite this, the rebuilding of Marlow Lock and the fitting of hydraulic gates went ahead as planned.

These works barges look to be frozen in.  

Coming back to Alan Holmes, he was the official photographer for Marlow Urban District Council and filed under his name I also found some interesting pictures of council line-ups, usually on the balcony of Court Garden House.