A HEARTBROKEN mum has issued a stark warning about using steroids after her son died three months after he was believed to have started taking them.

Cameron Rose, described as ‘full of life and laughter’, was found dead at his home in Loudwater on May 19 last year.

At an inquest into his death on February 28, a coroner ruled the 23 year old had died from suspected steroid abuse and recorded a verdict of ‘misadventure’.

Now his mother has issued a plea to people who use steroids to say that they are “never the answer and do much irreversible damage”.

Ms Rose said: “Any young men who are using steroids please seek support from your GP to stop. You are risking your life and damaging your heart.

“My son was not an idiot. He would have researched this and had a programme in place of when and what to take.

“This is called cycling and is common in steroid use. The drug is easily available in gyms and the fitness industry. Steroids are never the answer. Please talk to someone.

“You are irreplaceable. You are unique and loved just as you are. You are enough.”

In a statement to the Bucks Free Press, Ms Rose said: “We had the honour of attending our son’s inquest on February 28. It has been horrendous waiting to get some final answers.

“Cam was a happy, kind and friendly lad who was full of life and laughter and would help and talk to anyone he met. If Cam set his mind to something he would give it his all. Whether that was friendship, his husky dog Bailey or some new venture.

“In the last few years Cam became isolated from his friends and family and the people that cared about him. He wasn’t living at home and was with people who we felt didn’t have his best interests at heart. This affected his independence and his other relationships in his life.”

She said that after suffering from poor mental health, he used steroids “to make himself feel stronger, more in control and better about himself”.

The mother said the family were not aware of the steroid use and learned during the inquest that he passed away at some point overnight on May 19 with his dog, which he ‘loved dearly’, beside him.

Ms Rose said: “We loved Cameron unconditionally and he loved us. Life will never be the same without him and he has left a huge chasm in our lives.”

Buckinghamshire Coroners Court heard that attending paramedics verified Mr Rose’s death at 1.12pm.

A toxicology report showed evidence of ‘abuse of anabolic steroids’ and the medical cause of death has been given as ‘sudden cardiac death due to left ventricular hypertrophy in the context of anabolic-androgenic steroid abuse’.

The post-mortem examination demonstrated ‘left ventricular hypertrophy which, on balance of probabilities, is connected with the steroid use and has led to a sudden fatal cardiac dysrhythmia’.

The coroner ruled the death as ‘misadventure’.