AN 'AGGRESSIVE' burglar has been jailed for possessing a knife inside McDonald's in High Wycombe.

Tre Bushay, 26, of Colborne Road, High Wycombe, was found guilty of one count each of burglary in a dwelling, possession of a knife in a public place, intent to cause fear/provoke unlawful violence and breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order at Reading Magistrates Court on February 8.

On November 12 last year, police received reports of a burglary in Eaton Avenue at around 5.30am where Bushay broke into a home and stole electronic items and cash.

Then on February 6, Bushay entered Sainsbury’s on Oxford Road, High Wycombe, which breached his Criminal Behaviour Order.

When asked to leave, Bushay became aggressive and was later found in the toilets of McDonald’s with a small blade.

Bushay was arrested the next day and charged on February 7.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Alistair Rokas, based at High Wycombe police station said: “Burglary is an offence which we take extremely seriously and will always investigate thoroughly.

“I hope that Bushay will use his time in custody productively and reflect on his actions.

“Burglary causes a tremendous amount of upset to victims and communities, and we will tirelessly investigate such offences and bring to justice anybody who commits such crimes.”

Tre Bushay was sentenced to a year in prison at Slough Magistrates Court on Wednesday, March 8.