A milk bottle business owner says there was "nothing" in Hunt's budget that "excites" him about running a business in the UK.

Kuldeep Singh, 55, is a director at Blowplast - a plastic moulding company which makes milk bottles in High Wycombe.

He says the spring budget announcement does "very little" for business after they have suffered for years with the cost-of-living crisis and Covid-19.

Kuldeep said: "All businesses have suffered not only on increase in energy but in their supply chain.

"Businesses earning more money will now have to give a quarter of their profit away - they will just end up putting up prices.

"If it is what Jeremy Hunt demands it is what we will give him but there is nothing in that budget that excites me about running a business in the UK."

The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, announced firms which make a profit of more than £250,000 will pay 25 per cent tax on their profits from April.

He added only 10 per cent of companies will pay the full 25 per cent rate.

Kuldeep said: "There just isn't enough for business in that budget.

"I would have hoped he would have met businesses in the middle on corporation tax then we could say we share the goodness and the pain.

"Most medium size businesses make £250,000 profit.

"The budget is just disappointing."

After the autumn budget in 2022, Kuldeep's energy bill was expected to rise to £4 million - up from £1 million a year.

Kuldeep said his energy bills have doubled to £2 million and he has had to up prices in his business.

He said: "Energy prices should be back down to pre-war and pre-covid prices - why is it not?

"There is not enough pressure from the Government to hold companies accountable

"We have had to increase prices to cover our energy cost.

"We have no choice. Anything that burdens us with hikes or wages we only have one option which is set to pass and they wonder they have inflation."