A historic infrastructure, Marlow bridge is one of two surviving monuments designed by William Tierney Clark, alongside the Széchenyi Chain bridge in Budapest.

Despite its rich history and cultural signifiance, though, the Grade-I listed building has also had a more recent history of incidents, largely owing to its elegant but delicate structure which means a 3-tonne weight restriction limit exists for any vehicles crossing it. 

However, these restrictions have not stopped many an HGV-driver from breaching this limit and attempting to cross regardless, with one particularly zealous crosser exceeding the weight maximum by 34-tonnes. 

After Buckinghamshire Council's latest endeavour to protect the bridge, by installing flexible alignment markers on the bridge's bollards, we have taken a look back on the monument's recent history of incidents, regulations and near-misses. Take a look below. 

March 2023:

Buckinghamshire Council began installation of flexible alignment markers on Marlow bridge's controversial width-restriction bollards. The markers are said to be designed to help motorists navigate and align their vehicles to avoid collision while crossing.

January 2023:

Marlow bridge was blocked overnight when a motorhome breached the 3-tonne weight restriction and became stuck between bollards. 

Bucks Free Press: Marlow Bridge

September 2022:

A livestock trailer collided with the bridge's width-restriction bollards. Police were called to the scene to redirect traffic.

August 2022:

A holiday-goer was left with a bill exceeding £1000 after he heard a "crumbling" sound while navigating through the bridge's bollards and later found sizeable damage to his new car.

January 2022:

Marlow residents launch a petition to remove the "extremely narrow" width-restriction bollards on the bridge. The petition said that despite restrictions aiming to target overweight lorries, family cars were also sustaining damages. 

November 2021:

A passerby stood in front of a lorry attempting to cross the historic infrastructure after calling the police on the unauthorised HGV. Once the TVP arrived, the lorry was forced to turn around. 

October 2021:

Buckinghamshire Council installed temporary cameras on Marlow bridge in an attempt to record drivers who were breaking the weight limits in place. The exercise found that an average of 97 vehicles were breaking the restrictions every day. 

Bucks Free Press: Fears for future of Marlow Bridge

February 2021:

Further enhancement work on the Marlow bridge bollards took place to further narrow the road. Transport for Bucks said at the time that these installations were designed to discourage smaller HGVs from attempting to cross the bridge.

December 2019:

A Bensons for Beds lorry, vastly exceeding the the 3-tonne restrictions, crossed the historic bridge, prompting concern and outrage from residents passing by.

November 2018:

Buckinghamshire Council installed new bollards on Marlow bridge, creating a narrower space for vehicles to cross. The works included enlarging the traffic islands on either side of the bridge to assist with drivers' alignment. 

Bucks Free Press: Lorry damaged Marlow Bridge

September, 2016:

The supports of the bridge were "significantly overstressed" when a 37-tonne lorry broke down on the structure after blowing a tyre. The 200-year-old bridge was left in need of repairs that totalled £200,000.