A TikToker from Buckinghamshire decided to test his luck at McDonald's new Winning Sips game by purchasing 20 drinks.

McDonald's fan @madaboutmaccies documented his experience in a viral video on his page, showing that he had won four "instant win" prizes from the stickers on the medium and large soft drinks and milkshakes.

The instant wins included a free apple pie, medium milkshake, porridge, and sausage and egg McMuffin, as well as a digital prize for six chicken McNuggets.

While the remaining 15 stickers did not provide instant prizes, they did enter him into a £10,000 prize draw.

The video received over 560,000 views on TikTok, and many viewers shared their own Winning Sips game experiences in the comments.

One comment shared that they won a glass on their first attempt, while another won a Big Mac on their first attempt.

It's worth noting that customers need to download the McDonald's app to redeem the digital win, and they are limited to eight entries into the app.

Prizes must be claimed by May 9.

While the TikToker has yet to redeem his instant wins, he's not the only one testing his luck: The McDonald's Monopoly game will also be making a return this year, although the launch date has not yet been confirmed.