Tom Kerridge’s annual food and music festival has revealed its menu line-up, with the largest number of Marlow restaurants yet getting involved.

Taking place in Higginson Park between May 18 and May 21, Pub in the Park is set to showcase a wide range of cuisine including The Oarsman pub in Marlow, chicken wing shop Ginger Wings and The Crown.

This year’s event will introduce a specialty Chef’s Special dish on each restaurant’s menu – described as “a personal take on a dish that inspired the chefs” and a specifically designed kid’s dish – something to appeal to younger attendees.

Each restaurant will also include at least one vegetarian option on their menu – including Sri Lankan restaurant Hoppers’ Jackfruit and Chickpea Curry.

For Tom Kerridge’s founding pub, The Hand & Flowers, he has crafted a curry dog as its Chef’s Special – a hotdog served with curry ketchup, chilli, and mint chutney with Bombay mix.

He said: “This hot dog is a massive trip down memory lane and reminds me of going for a deep fried sausage and curry sauce at the local chippy when I was growing up in Matson, Gloucestershire.”

Speciality children’s dishes to be produced by the restaurant line-up include The Oarsman’s parmesan arancini and grill house Berber & Q’s hummus with tahini.

Tickets for the four-day event are on sale now from