A woman from Wooburn Green has claimed the 'dangerous' oil leak from an abandoned vehicle near her house has been 'a nightmare'. 

Tania Hancocks, who lives on Watery Lane in Wooburn Green, said no action has been taken to clean up an oil spill from an abandoned vehicle that has been outside her house 'for months'.

She first reported the large American dodge van to Buckinghamshire Council in December and later amended her report after discovering a dozen plastic drums leaking black oil underneath the vehicle.

Tania said Bucks Council told her the case had been closed because it had passed it on to the relevant authorities, but she says the oil leak has still not been dealt with.

"The abandoned car is next to a duck pond, a children's play area and the River Wye, so I'm concerned that this leak will both be dangerous for local people and animals and could also end up in the water table."

Tania, who has mobility difficulties, said she rescued a duck which was covered in the oil from the spill area last week.

"This is the second duck I have had to take home with me to clean off. There's a pond on either side of the road where the car is parked so ducks are often crossing between the two. 

"Because of my disability, I find it hard to capture the ducks and clean the oil from them but I don't want to leave them as they are."

She added: "I don't know if the liquid is flammable, but I do feel this is an issue that needs immediate attention. I can't believe nothing has been done about it - I'm making lots of calls and have been put on hold for ages. It's a nightmare trying to get through to the right people."

Buckinghamshire Council's cabinet minister for climate change and environment, Gareth Williams, said representatives had attended the site earlier this week.

He said: "The reported liquid containers have now been safely disposed and we will return to visit the site to check that all is well and to make any necessary arrangements to deal with any residual waste material. 

"We will continue to investigate the abandoned vehicles in this area and thank the local residents for their patience."