The Money Saving Expert (MSE) website has warned British Gas customers to carry out manual meter readings since many are still unable to track their usage. 

Many customers have reported problems with checking their energy consumption on the company's website, app and in-house display for over a year, according to the MSE.

The financial advice website noted that customers were continuing to complain about the issue on social media, its forum and in the MSE inbox but it remains unclear how many people are being affected by the issues. 

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In the meantime, the consumer champions have urged customers to carry out manual meter readings instead to help them monitor and reduce their usage. 

British Gas customers urged to take manual meter readings amid app issues

Concerned customers can contact British Gas directly if they are worried that their usage isn't being recorded accurately.

They can also take a reading from their smart meter to ensure how much energy they should be paying for and then submit a manual reading themselves. 

This can be carried out by phoning British Gas on 0333 202 9802 or contacting the company online.

Customers should be advised that they will need to provide their name and account number but they will not need to login into their account if they are unable to. 

British Gas has been approached by Newsquest for comment.

Bucks Free Press: British Gas customers have been urged to do manual meter readings by the Money Saving Expert website. (Alamy Stock Photo/PA)British Gas customers have been urged to do manual meter readings by the Money Saving Expert website. (Alamy Stock Photo/PA) (Image: PA/ Alamy Stock Photo)

The energy company has also put together a guide on how to take a meter reading and what to do if it's not working in its Frequently Asked Questions, which you can access via the British Gas website.

Currently, users have continued to turn to social media for help and to express their frustration over the issues. 

One customer shared on April 10: "The website for my account has not been updated since March 20th. What is going on and why can’t I get real time data given I have a smart meter."

A second person added: "@BritishGasHelp Are you ever going to sort this smart meter issue? Every Sunday I am on my knees getting reads as your equipment is pants. October 22 until April 23 and no end in sight. Poor poor service."

Meanwhile a third posted earlier that day:"Can you help? Trying to set up an account online but saying there's a problem with the website each time I do it just a bit confused by it."