A resident has described online banking as 'impersonal and overwhelming' after an exodus of branches from Marlow High Street.

Colin McCulloch has shared concerns about what the future of online banking means for Marlow residents, especially those who are elderly or disabled.

He said: "What's worst about the closure of the banks in Marlow is the depersonalisation of banking. We are being overwhelmed with digital services that are so impersonal and just don't suit the needs of a lot of people.

"It's especially concerning for people who aren't digitally literate because not only are they missing out on social interactions when they can't talk to someone face to face, but they're at a higher risk of being scammed or swindled."

Community members including Colin have suggested that the best solution to the lack of physical banks is the installation of hubs in towns around Buckinghamshire.

Banking hubs are being adopted across the UK as mass branch closures continue, and consist of dedicated rooms or counters at local Post Office shops where customers can speak with a representative from their bank.

Barclays are currently operating a weekly in-person service at Marlow Library to support customers in the wake of the branch's closure, but as Colin points out, no physical help is available for residents signed with other banks.

Nationwide and HSBC banks currently remain in operation at number 34 and 46 on Marlow High Street, but Lloyds, Barclays and Natwest have all closed their branches over the past year.

Charity group Age UK have announced they are committed to championing the needs of older people who are having difficulty adapting to modern banking.

The charity cites issues including changes in hearing, vision, mobility and cognitive decline as just a few of the factors that put older generations at a disadvantage. 

In October, Age UK formerly called on the government to safeguard older customers by confirming that certain banking services - including cancellation of direct debits and opening new accounts - would continue to operate in-branch.

Marlow Town Council has been contacted for comment.