An ex-Buckinghamshire local will run this weekend’s London Marathon to raise funds for a world-leading cancer research institute.

Jess Calam, who grew up in Beaconsfield, will run the race with her partner, Danny Radis, to show support for two of their family members currently receiving treatment for cancer.

The duo now live in Balham in South East London, with the funds going to the Institute of Cancer Research which is based in the capital.

Jess, 27, said: “I’m close to my grandad and it’s believed that he had exposure to asbestos when he was a young boy, which is thought to be linked to his mesothelioma.

“Danny’s mum, who lives in Australia, has been battling with cancer for a few years now.

“Because it’s an issue that’s very personal to us both, we wanted to take part in a challenge that not only raised funds but also awareness of cancer.

“It’s not uncommon to be told a family member or loved one has this unthinkable disease.”

The couple has so far raised almost £2,000 for the ICR.

Jess said: “I took up running in lockdown and I’ve never run this far before.

“Danny is faster than me, so although we’ll start together on London Marathon day, I think he’ll finish before me.

“But Danny’s taught me about the importance of slowing down rather than stopping when I feel like I’ve reached my limit.

“So above all else, I just need to make sure I don’t stop! I’m nervous that we’re now in race week, I just want to get it done.”

Lannah Carbonilla, Head of Supporter Engagement at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, said: “We’re really grateful to have the support of Jess and Danny, and all of the #teamICR runners at this year’s TCS London Marathon.

“Getting out there and training for a marathon, while also attempting to hit a fundraising target, is no easy feat, and we’ve been so impressed by the dedication and commitment of our supporters.

“We hope that Jess, Danny, and all our runners will be spurred on by the knowledge that they’re helping to make a difference for people affected by cancer up and down the country.

“Every pound raised means that our research can keep moving forward, and every step taken towards that finish line brings our researchers one step closer to finishing cancer.”

To support Jess and Danny please donate on their fundraising page: