A Flackwell Heath dad claims he will be the first person to ever run the London Marathon carrying a toilet this weekend as he undertakes the challenge to raise awareness for his son's condition.

Giles Cuthbert drew attention when he was spotted training with his toilet on Marlow High Street last year, ahead of the virtual marathon he ran between Bognor Regis and Brighton last October.

Now he's planning to bring his bog to the Big Smoke as he becomes the first to run with a toilet in the London Marathon this Sunday, April 23, in association with the charity Diabetes UK.

Giles's eldest son Harvey was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2017 and his younger son Theo received the same diagnosis in 2020.

"The reason why I started running with a toilet was to bring awareness to Type 1 diabetes and how one of the earliest signs is a frequent need to urinate.

"Having two sons with Type 1 was a massive learning curve and I really wanted to do something to help as a parent. I would trade places with them at the drop of a hat but since that's not possible, I'm trying to do what I can in other ways."

He said both his sons have to inject themselves up to four times a day, everytime they eat.

"I'm really praying for a cure to be found because it would just be amazing for them to have more of a sense of normalcy."

Giles has been out and about near Marlow preparing for Sunday's race, but hasn't taken the toilet with him on recent runs.

“As you might imagine, towing a toilet along can be quite gruelling. A lot of the running has been just getting my body used to the distance.

“The toilet weighs about 40kg so when you’re running along a flat terrain, it’s fine but when you get to a slope you do feel it. I’m also aware that the London Marathon is going to be 45,00 people – I’m going to have to keep my wits about me to make sure I don’t plough into the back of anyone!"

Despite the challenges that come with taking on the course with a toilet in tow, he's optimistic that the race will go well and raise much-needed awareness for an important cause.

"I just can't believe how quickly it's come around. The last race I did was in the autumn and I thought then that I had loads of time but now it's only a few days away!"

He added that he wanted to thank his wife, Karen, his sons and all the friends and community members who continue to support the 'one man and his bog' mission.

Visit Giles's fundraising page here to donate and learn more about his marathon plans.