An Age Concern branch in Flackwell Heath is celebrating today’s coronation in a unique way.

Charity workers from the Common Road venue have teamed up with some of their clients, who have made items out of recycled goods that focus on the Royal Family.

Over the course of around a month, an orb, a crown, and a sceptre were made from scratch and are currently being displayed at the branch.

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And once the festivities are over, it is planned to take the items to local schools and playgroups across the area.

A spokesperson from the charity told the Free Press: “Most of our clients live in isolation so it’s not only good for them to make something, but it’s great for them to interact with other people too and have some company.

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“It’s great to look at and it’s wonderful to see.

“It gives them a real sense of purpose.”

“We’re very proud of them all as it gives them a sense of worth as they have achieved something.”

The coronation of King Charles III will take place on Saturday, May 6.