A major overhaul of the political map in Buckinghamshire could see the number of councillors slashed and nearly every ward in the county could have its boundaries changed. 

New boundaries are being proposed for council wards in the Buckinghamshire Council area by the Local Government Boundary Commission. 

The Commission says it wants to make sure councillors each represent roughly the same number of people. 

It says residents should be represented by 97 councillors as they believe "a council size of 98 members would allow councillors to provide strong strategic leadership, robust scrutiny of decision making, while providing effective community leadership."

This is 50 fewer councillors than under current arrangements, however.

There will be 10 three-councillor wards, 28 two-councillor wards and 11 single-councillor wards. 

The Wycombe Conservatives and a local resident supported a proposed Abbey ward. Steve Baker MP stated that the ward was too large and suggested that electors residing near West Wycombe Road be moved to Castlefield & Oakridge ward.

Mr Baker said he would suggest the names of roads which could be moved from Abbey to Castlefield and Oakridge if we wished to enquire further. We followed up on this but did not hear back before the publication of these final 48 recommendations. In the absence of sufficient evidence to justify a change, we are not adopting this proposal as part of our final recommendations.

Proposals include: 

Booker and Cressex to be separated from Castlefield into its own ward 

Disraeli ward to have one councillor and be formed of the unparished part of the existing Downley ward 

Marsh & Micklefield

A new Sands ward created

A three-councillor ward of Terriers & Totteridge and a single-councillor ward for the Bowerdean area

Marlow Bottom to be included in the Marlow ward because they have strong links 

New residential developments at Terriers Farm will be incorporated into Hazlemere ward 

The Local Government Boundary Commission is the independent body that draws these boundaries. It has reviewed Buckinghamshire to make sure councillors will represent about the same number of electors, and that ward arrangements will help the council work effectively. 

Publishing the recommendations Professor Colin Mellors, Chair of the Commission, said:

“We are very grateful to people in Buckinghamshire. We looked at all the views they gave us. They helped us improve our earlier proposals. 

We believe the new arrangements will deliver electoral fairness while maintaining local ties.”

The changes become law once Parliament has approved them. Staff at the council will ensure that the arrangements are in place for the May 2025 elections. 

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