Buckinghamshire MPs have spoken up about the HS2 following a recent sinkhole above tunnelling works. 

The MPs comments come only weeks after a giant 6-meter sinkhole appeared near an Amersham lake, prompting a pollution investigation by the Environment Agency and concern from environmental campaigners

Chesham and Amersham’s Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Green visited the sinkhole the day after it appeared on May 14.

Now she has said “HS2 has brought nothing but misery for people locally” with its “spiralling costs, environmental damage and ongoing disruption.”

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“Time and again the oversight of this project seems to fall short. The sinkhole that has appeared near Shardeloes Lake is just the latest example of local people’s concerns being ignored.

“The Government should do the sensible thing and scrap HS2,” she said.

Fellow politicians across the county joined Ms Green to call out the controversial project, which has seen its total costs expand by billions.

Buckingham’s Conservative MP Greg Smith pledged to continue his fight against “the ludicrous project no one wants and the country cannot afford.”

He agreed the high-speed railway project needed “shutting down” because the HS2 and its contractors were “out of control,” including issued with the sinkhole and “abuses regarding land take” in places like Steeple Claydon.

Beaconsfield Conservative MP Joy Morrissey said: “I support the Environment Agency's investigation into the sinkhole and will continue to push for stronger accountability.

“I continue to actively oppose HS2 due to its detrimental impact on our greenbelt and the disrupted communities. The sinkhole is a clear example of the destruction of our natural habitats, the disruption to local businesses and residents, and the substantial financial costs of the project.”

She called for a reassessment of HS2’s environmental impact and “pushing for responsible and environmentally conscious infrastructure development that preserves the integrity of our natural landscapes for future generations.”

A spokesperson for the HS2 Ltd said there was no confirmed start date for the sinkhole repair works yet.

However, the company was “working closely with the landlord, tenant and other key stakeholders to progress this.”

Last week a café owner and the nearest resident to the sinkhole shared her concern about the sinkhole and she slammed the lack of contact from HS2 Ltd to reassure her.

Aylesbury’s Rob Butler MP and High Wycombe MP Steve Baker were also contacted for a comment.