A resident has shared their concern after finding cows bleeding and stuck in loose barbed wire fencing.

Laura Bradley discovered several cows who had been caught in loose barbed wire fencing in a field between Bisham Church and Temple End in Marlow on Thursday, June 8.

She said: "One of the cows had part of a loose wire fence wrapped around its head. I tried to sort it, but I'm worried it's not a long-term fix."

The following day, she returned to the field and shared a photograph to the Marlow Life Facebook group of a cow bleeding from its nostrils.

Writing: "There's a cow in the same field as yesterday, almost opposite Bisham Abbey, with blood streaming out of its nose.

"I want to ensure the farmer is aware and I'm worried that the wire fence that has become loose could lead to cows getting wrapped in it and stuck."

Speaking to the Bucks Free Press, she described the apparent injures to the cows from loose fencing as "really bad" but added that she has not yet been able to contact the responsible farmer.

The RSPCA's guidance for grazing cattle welfare states that: "There must be nothing in the cattle's environment that is likely to cause injury or distress to the animals that can be avoided."

It also says that all fencing containing cattle must be "adequately inspected and maintained".

Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards has been contacted about this issue.