Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are planning to settle back into village life in Buckinghamshire as part of a 10-part docuseries titled Home To Roost.

The show was announced last August, and their home in LA was put on the market in September.

Sources close to Ozzy and Sharon say that they are still waiting for massive renovations to take place in the UK, some of which are aimed to allow Ozzy to receive live-in care for his Parkinson's.

They are also waiting for the property market in LA to improve, and have decided to keep a home of some sort in the city.

There has not been much filming done yet, according to sources.

The Osbournes reality TV show was a huge hit from 2002 to 2005, and showed Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack.

In recent interviews, Ozzy has expressed that he prefers living in America, despite being British.

Sharon has expressed her unhappiness in the US and her desire to return to the UK.

The documentary has been promoted to offer viewers a "funny, moving and honest insight" into the couple's new lives in the UK.

The renovation hold-up is due to Ozzy's health, but the renovation is not the only project that has been put on hold.

The couple has also halted any plans for moving from the UK to LA, because they are waiting for renovations on Ozzy's Buckinghamshire estate to be finished.