Beaconsfield and Marlow MP Joy Morrissey was one of seven conservatives to vote against a report which found that Boris Johnson had deliberately misled parliament. 

Mrs Morrissey was one of a handful of conservative members to vote against the findings of a Privileges Committee report into Boris Johnson's conduct during the Partygate scandal in the House of Commons yesterday (June 19).

The findings published by the committee, which was chaired by Labour MP Harriet Harman, included the verdict that Mr Johnson had deliberately misled parliament over alleged breaches of lockdown rules in Westminster. 

Mrs Morrissey told PA that she believed the findings to be "deeply flawed", adding: "This report risks a chilling impact on the rights of parliamentarians and I felt I needed to make a stand against that.

"It sets precedents that will last long and reach deep."

The House of Commons voted overwhelmingly to back the report, which also recommended a 90-day suspension for the former prime minister, had he not already resigned as an MP last week.

Despite writing a scathing resignation letter in the New Statesman, in which he branded the committee 'a kangaroo court', Mr Johnson had urged his supporters not to vote against the report.

374 MPs voted to back the Privileges Committee findings, which also recommended that Mr Johnson not be granted a pass to freely visit the Houses of Parliament.

118 conservative MPs were among the assenters, with 225 abstaining from the vote, notably including prime minister Rishi Sunak, who was reportedly unable to attend the parliamentary session due to prior commitments.