One of the sons of the 13th richest man in the world has recently enjoyed visited a High Wycombe café.

Akash Ambani, whose father is the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, the owner and chairman of Reliance Industries, was spotted enjoying a drink in the town’s Karak Chaii branch in the evening of Friday, June 23.

His visit to south Buckinghamshire came as a massive surprise to several locals, as some were perplexed as to why he was in the area.

Additionally, his arrival at the Oxford Street venue also had jaws hitting the floor, as the 31-year-old was seen in the area in a six-wheeler Brabus G-wagon with numerous bodyguards.

Bucks Free Press: The two posed for a picture on June 23The two posed for a picture on June 23 (Image: N/A)

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The vehicle is so rare, that there is only one of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Abdul Sattar, a High Wycombe resident who happened and saw Akash’s entrance, told the Free Press: “My friend and I usually enjoy a meal out on a Friday before heading over to the Karak Chaii for a cup of tea.

“This time was no different but I saw the six-wheeled Brabus G-Wagon and immediately knew they are a limited car.

Bucks Free Press: The G-Wagon in High WycombeThe G-Wagon in High Wycombe (Image: N/A)

“I thought that the car is either a replica or someone is in town as that’s a very rare car.

“We went in and got our usual tea and dessert when a big military type of guy came in and you can tell he wasn’t a local bloke.

“Then about three or four people walked in and sat in the top left of the shop.

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“A few minutes later, a bunch of six very tall bodyguards entered with another guy in the middle.

“And I only recognised him as his family own the IPL [Indian Premier League] team, the Mumbai Indians in cricket, and when they attend games, the camera pans over to them and zooms in.

Bucks Free Press: The car is one of the rarest in the worldThe car is one of the rarest in the world (Image: N/A)

“I knew that was one of Mr Ambani’s sons and had a nice chat with him, but he couldn’t have been in the café for more than 15 minutes.

“I thought ‘what is he doing in High Wycombe?’ and it was a huge surprise as I’ve lived in the town all my life.”

Akash’s father, Mukesh, currently has a net worth of $87.2billion and has been ranked as one of the most influential people in the world due to his conglomerate company.