Two Hollywood actors have been spotted shooting a movie scene on the Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire border.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman were seen in Pitstone Quarry dressed in their respective costumes, with the former donning his Deadpool outfit, whilst the latter was sporting his Wolverine attire.

The scene was shot during the week commencing July 10 and is expected to be included in Deadpool 3, in which Reynolds is also a writer and producer.

The expected blockbuster was scheduled to be released in May 2024, but due to the current SAG-AFTRA strike, production of the film has been halted.

The third installment of the Marvel franchise is now expected to come out in September of next year.

Along with Pitstone Quarry, parts of the film were also shot at Pinewood Studios in Iver, with principal photography beginning in May.

Areas of London and Norfolk were used to shoot scenes for the movie.