The people of Marlow were divided between excitement and anger when we asked them their opinions on the proposed film studios development.

Planning permission for Marlow Film Studios currently remains under consideration by Buckinghamshire Council, with a decision expected later this year.

Ahead of the approval or rejection of the proposal, we headed out onto the streets of Marlow to ask residents their thoughts on the controversial development. 

Opinion was divided among those in the town, with Jay Cooper, 84, saying he was "all in favour" of the development.

"I'm all for it. Booker airport will have executives flying in from wherever."

When asked if it would put Marlow on the map, he said: "Absolutely."

On the other hand, Valerie, a retiree, when asked simply described the studios project as a "disaster", adding: "Imagine the infrastructure they'll need. It will take over the whole empty field.

"I remember they stopped the development of a marina there a long time ago and that would probably have been better than the film studio.

"It should be housing if they must build something. I do hope everyone is against it because some people don't realise the implications. It will start small and then end up taking over the whole field."

Bucks Free Press:

Stuart Tullock, 56, (photographed) said: "I think it is quite a good idea really. I know there are a lot of debates about it but it is quite exciting." 

Many in Marlow had not heard much about the film studios plans, such as Anna Davis, 43, who said: "I don't actually know much about it. I know lots of people are against it, I haven't heard that many people are in favour of it.

"I can see that it would be great to create more jobs but Marlow could get too busy and the traffic would be quite bad."

Bucks Free Press:

Nikki, 43, (photographed) also noted that it "could bring jobs to the area".

Mr Ford, 80, commended the plans, stating that he was "fully in favour" and believed the studios would be "good for the town".

Bucks Free Press:

However, Margaret Flemming, 85, (photographed) said: "I think anything going up like that is awful, both for the community and for where it's going to be built."

Click here to view the Marlow Film Studios planning application.