LAST orders were called for the final time at one of Marlow's most iconic pubs this evening.

The Crown was hosting its farewell party tonight after 201 years of pulling pints to make way for a kitchen showroom.

A toast was held at midnight, with the party expected to last until 3am.

Several former regulars returned for an evening of nostalgia and to rekindle old memories of the Crown.

'Dublin Dave', originally from Ireland but now living in Marlow, came to the party as it was where he went on his first date with girlfriend Sandra.

He said: "I always think it's sad to see so many pubs shutting down in England. Unfortunately in life they call it change - but change isn't always for the better.

"It's nice to come into a pub where you feel at home. People will always say hello to you in here."

Chris Dunne, a lifelong resident of Marlow, said: "It was my local many years ago. It always had something going on - theme nights, music, and they did good food. It was the in place to come for many years.

"I was upset when I read in the Marlow Free Press it was closing because it was always a focal point in the town. I've come here for a bit of nostalgia tonight."

Kelly Richardson added: "It shouldn't be allowed to close."

Some partygoers were coming purely because it was the farewell party, having not been to the Crown for some time.

Amanda Johnston, a former Marlow resident who travelled to the pub from High Wycombe with friend Kerry Morris, said: "Marlow hasn't got enough pubs. This was always a lively pub with music. It's a bit of a shame it's closing."

Thomas Kowalski also travelled to the Crown from High Wycombe. He said: "I was shocked it was closing because it's a nice place."

Manager Martin Edwards said: "We're hoping to see the old girl out in style and give her a good farewell. She's been here a long time."

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