A study has concluded that a Buckinghamshire service station is one of the most expensive places to charge an electric vehicle.

Conducted by the electric vehicle experts at DriveElectric, charging your vehicle at the Beaconsfield Services along the M40 is 16 per cent more than the average UK service station at 72p per kilowatt.

The most expensive service station to charge your electric vehicle at is Sarn Park, located in Bridgend, Wales.

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The average cost of charging at the Sarn Oark service station is £0.76/kWh, which is £0.26 more expensive than at the UK's cheapest station.

Charging at Sarn Park could cost you 14 pence more kWh than the average UK cost of EV charging.

The research also revealed that Newport Pagnell Services was one of the cheapest in the UK with a rate of 50p per kilowatt.

To see the full study, click here.