A Wetherspoons pub located at the M40 services has been saved much to the delight of regular customers.

The Hope and Champion, which has been based in Buckinghamshire since the start of 2014, was one of 32 sites up for sale across the UK.

It had been on the market for well over a year but on Friday [August 25], it was confirmed that the boozer was no longer up for sale.

Several punters were happy to hear this news, whilst others were sceptical of having a pub at a service station on a busy motorway.

One woman told the Daily Mail Online: “I did think it was strange to have a pub on at a motorway services. 

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“If there are two of you and one is not driving it is OK.

“You just have to use your own common sense.

“We hope they will do.”

Another added: “We have just had a coffee there, but I just don't think they should be selling alcohol here.

“People should not drink alcohol in there and get back in the car and drive.”

However, some are supportive of the move.

Amanda Ginger, who was recently stranded for hours at the service station with her mother, also told the Mail: 'Clearly, no one should drink and drive - so I must admit I was baffled when I heard about a pub opening in a motorway services. 

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“But having been broken down here for a number of hours with my mother before, on her birthday, and no other way to pass the time, and being quite literally unable to drive anywhere, I have to say that the sight of a good ol' Spoons was like an oasis in the desert. 

“We had a couple of glasses of wine and something to eat while we waited for the RAC, who then drove us and our car home.

“Not the best birthday for the old dear, but sitting in a McDonald's would have been worse. 

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“If you are going to break down and know you have a lift home at some point, you may as well head to the pub in my eyes. 

“The car park was full of recovery trucks, so clearly lots of people had the same idea.”