A MAN was sadly found dead at home hours after he received an email confirming his divorce was being processed.

Commercial manager Neil Cooper died at his home address in Old End, Padbury on March 22 this year at the age of 44.

A coroner concluded his death was a suicide at an inquest on Wednesday (August 30) at Beaconsfield Coroner’s Court.

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The hearing heard that Mr Cooper had a history of mental health illnesses prior to his death and had sought help from multiple services.

However, despite cognitive behavioural therapy and anti-depressants, Mr Cooper sadly took his own life and was pronounced dead at 8.57pm.

The inquest heard that Mr Cooper had sat with his family for dinner at about 6pm and was described as being ‘off’ throughout the day as he had received an email stating his divorce was being processed.

When his wife and daughter left the home to go shopping, and his son was playing video games with his headphones on, it is believed Mr Cooper took his own life.

There was no note, physical or digital, left by Mr Cooper but there were searches on his phone related to the method in which he died.

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His GP, Dr Emily Foggins, provided the inquest with a report which stated Mr Cooper had first called with concerns about his mental health on January 3 this year.

He self-referred himself to Healthy Minds NHS which sent a report to Dr Foggins stating Mr Cooper had ‘expressed thoughts about life not being worth living’ but stated he wouldn’t act on his suicidal thoughts.

Mr Cooper went through cognitive behaviour therapy and completed six modules in which he stated he was ‘30 per cent likely to act on his thoughts’ but was ‘100 per cent sure he could keep himself safe’.

A senior psychologist from Berkshire Talking Therapies said Mr Cooper had reported ‘if he was splitting up with his wife then what was the point in living’.

Assistant coroner Alison McCormick concluded she was ‘satisfied on the balance of probabilities’ that Mr Cooper had ended his own life and had intended to do so due to his medical history and the ‘background of the divorce proceedings’.

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She said: “I’m so sorry you lost Neil in such a traumatic way. It’s clear to me that in spite of things happening in the family, nevertheless he was very much loved and had a very supportive family.”


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