The Beaconsfield mayor has spoken out after Wetherspoons scrapped its plans for a new pub on the town high street. 

The Beaconsfield mayor and councillor Jackson Ng said he felt “relieved” after JD Wetherspoons cancelled its plans to turn the former Prezzo building in New Town into a new pub.

After purchasing the former Prezzo building, Wetherspoons submitted plans for a £2 million overhaul to turn the building into a pub and restaurant with a terrace.

However, after more than a year of silence from the pub chain, the plans were scrapped and Wetherspoons announced in August the building was going back up for sale.

Jackson told the Free Press: “I have to say I was somewhat relieved.

“I personally see it as a very attractive building. It’s part of the fabric of new town. I’d love to see, and I’m sure Bucks Council as well would love to see, a tenant to move in as soon as possible.

Bucks Free Press: Beaconsfield mayor Jackson Ng said opinion over the Wetherspoons plan was splitBeaconsfield mayor Jackson Ng said opinion over the Wetherspoons plan was split (Image: Jackson Ng)

“Whatever it might be, I just hope that it’s going to take into consideration what the town needs and be up and running soon.

“I hope whichever business comes in is a responsible business and engages with for example the town council and councillors on how to operate the business.”

During the planning application process, he saw how “split” the town was on the plans, Jackson admitted.

“The project dragged on for quite some time, maybe because of Covid and maybe because what happened to Wetherspoons financially. But I just think it is a pity that they left the building there without any temporary businesses in it," he explained. 

Bucks Free Press: The former Prezzo Italian restaurant building at 12 Station RoadThe former Prezzo Italian restaurant building at 12 Station Road (Image: Newsquest)

“I used to go to Prezzo, which was the restaurant there previously, every other weekend, because my daughters happened to love to have pizza there. And having pizza there was quite a lovely dining experience because of the high ceilings and the central cooking area. I personally would have liked to see a restaurant of some sort or perhaps a cinema." 

He said residents have written to him and pointed out there’s an Everyman cinema in Gerrards Cross and asked why Beaconsfield couldn’t have one also.

The dad of twins said he’d “love to have something like that” to visit with his children, but the decision was out of his control.

He continued: “I certainly see the demand in Beaconsfield, it’s got a wider catchment area than Gerrards Cross. My understanding is that the building was previously a cinema to begin with.

“In Beaconsfield we are very proud of our connection to the NFTS [National Film and Television School] and there’s a monthly movie club.

“And given the population, we are talking about retired people living in Beaconsfield and young families, the key market of cinemagoers.”