One of the youngest mayors in Buckinghamshire has spoken about being a voice for his hometown.  

Beaconsfield mayor Jackson Ng, 39, has called the leafy town his home for the past seven years after making the move from the capital with his wife and children.

The lawyer and dad of twin girls, who was elected as a mayor in May, is also councillor in Buckinghamshire Council and Town Council. 

“It’s great to be involved in the town but it’s also a balancing act for me," the busy dad and dog-owner said. 

Passionate about planning, green spaces and regeneration of the town, Jackson is also keen to inspire young people to take part in politics and civic duties.

Bucks Free Press: Beaconsfield Town Council after Jackson's mayoral election in MayBeaconsfield Town Council after Jackson's mayoral election in May (Image: Jackson Ng)

He said: “My father is Singaporean Chinese and my mother is Dutch Indonesian Chinese. Before coming to the UK for schooling I lived in Singapore, Australia and the Netherlands.

“I stayed on for university and absolutely loved the UK. I’m quite privileged that I had a good education and qualified as a barrister. Getting involved in the Buckinghamshire Council and Town Council is may way of giving back to the community I live in and the country, but particularly Beaconsfield because it’s where I envision my family living hopefully for a very, very long time.

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“I share many of the values with the residents. I want it to be a clean, safe, lovely place to live and we want to preserve the green belt. That traffic in the town flows well.

“We want decision makers and influencers in our town to represent the people living in this town and to understand where they are coming from. When I’m speaking in a debate on policies, I bring the dimension of being a father with a young family.”

Bucks Free Press: An event hosted by the Buckinghamshire Army Cadets in JulyAn event hosted by the Buckinghamshire Army Cadets in July (Image: Jackson Ng)

Jackson was “heavily involved” with the Malthouse Square playground revamp because of first-hand experience of using it with his children and speaking with other parents, whose needs he is keen to voice in local decision-making.

He said: “There are people much younger than me who I want to encourage to get involved in local politics, being school governors and maybe one day to run for parliament.

“We need to encourage more passionate, young individuals into public service so that our public service can thrive. Having someone from different age group and ethnic diversity background can help someone at a school to think ‘I can do that as well.’”

Jackson, who commutes to London daily, starts his mornings by walking the dogs and taking his children to school before tuning in on LBC radio during his drive.

“I think it’s important when you’re involved in politics and public service to not just listen to a particular political party but you’ve got to listen to a range of perspectives,” he added.