A mini-pig farm has launched a YouTube channel after its TV famous sows welcomed new piglets. 

Kew Little Pigs in Amersham has celebrated two litters of pigs after sows Mia and Blossom welcomed a total of 15 babes. 

Mia, who gave birth to a brood of nine piglets, rose to fame after starring in TV and adverts for Hendrix Gin. Blossom welcomed six piglets not long after Mia.

Now the piglets are following in the footsteps of their famous mum Mia after the farm launched its own YouTube channel KewLittlePig100, where fans can follow their journey 24 hours a day.

Bucks Free Press: Fans of the mini-pigs can now watch them live on YouTubeFans of the mini-pigs can now watch them live on YouTube (Image: Animal News Agency)

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Founder and owner of Kew Little Pigs Olivia Mikhail said: "Congratulations Mia and Blossom who are every inch the proud mums, and we are so happy that these piglets are so healthy and are already taking after their mums with their sweet and sassy personalities.

"Little pigs make amazing pets, and get on well with other animals including cats and dogs. We vet who adopts our piglets very carefully and everyone has to take a pig keeper course, but we are confident that they will all live fulfilling lives as beloved pets."

Many people have chosen to adopt a mini-pig as a a cheaper alternative to a dog or cat, the farm said. 

A small pig can be taught to sit, stay and even do agility tricks like a dog.