An angry mum has slammed the owner of ‘out of control’ dogs after the animals attacked her daughter and pony. 

Katie Dolling from Kings Ash near Great Missenden told how her six-year-old daughter and her pony were “terrorised” by a pack of Spaniels in the woods.

During the first incident in early July, Katie, her daughter and her pony Dotty were enjoying the riding experience when suddenly about nine dogs walked by their male owner surrounded Dotty, snarling, growling, jumping and dangling off her tail.

Mum-of-two Katie said: “Dotty bless her she is good, she didn’t move a muscle. There were so many dogs around her!

“I told the bloke to get them off, but he told me to f*** off.

“I said we’re on a bridle path and we have every right to be there and the dogs should be on lead. There wasn’t much I could do.”

When the second attack happened at the end of August, Katie’s daughter, who is neurodivergent, was riding a new, less tolerant pony that got scared by four Springer Spaniels, Katie explained.

The pony “nearly had her off” and into a ditch, but her daughter managed to “just hold on”, she said.

Bucks Free Press: Katie's daughter with her ponyKatie's daughter with her pony (Image: Katie Dolling)

“I dread to think how it could have gone,” Katie said.

Katie’s mum was with them alongside her own three Spaniels, and pushing Katie’s six-month-old little boy in a pushchair.

Katie and her mum managed to fend off the attacking dogs that were also “jumping against the pushchair” and attacking Katie’s mum’s “much smaller dogs.”

The women shouted at the owner to get his dogs under control, but the owner used derogatory language and saying Katie’s mum “should be on a lead” and that he’ll “come and slap her,” Katie claimed.

“He’s disgusting and vile. Horrible,” she said.

“First time was bad but this was worse. My six-year-old nearly ended up in a ditch. He’s putting my daughter’s life at risk!

“The incident has really worried my daughter.

“The dogs are on attack mode, you can see it in their faces they are being trained to take stuff down.

“I want to warn people he’s there doing this. Something needs to be done, he shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs,” she added.

Thames Valley Police confirmed it received a report of a dog attack incident on September 1 at about 1.20pm.

The police are “investigating the incident and would appeal to anyone with information to contact the force.”

This can be done via the TVP website or by calling 101 and quoting the reference 43230391784.