Residents in a picturesque Bucks town were caught off guard by a dramatic police car chase that one said was 'the most action they have seen for ages'.

It was all go along the A40 London Road through Beaconsfield this afternoon, with a police officer confirming at the scene that a "pursuit" had taken place and nearby shop workers spotting multiple police cars and a helicopter in the area between 2pm and 4pm.

Paula, an employee at the John Lewis showroom at 37 London End, said her co-worker heard a helicopter sound outside after 2pm and that they then saw two young men in tracksuits run and crouch behind a car in front of the shop window.

"They were crouching right in front of the shop for a few seconds, then they must have realised it was a dumb idea and they ran off.

"It seemed like there was a chase, with four people in the car that crashed. Two of them got arrested just outside and two ran away."

Paula said she also saw a woman lying on the road outside being handcuffed by police officers who was shouting at standers-by to not look at her or take photographs. 

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She added that she thinks the incident has received a lot of local attention because of its novelty in such a quiet and picturesque town as Beaconsfield.

"Seeing a police helicopter and so many police cars just outside was crazy. It's the most action Beaconsfield has seen for ages!"

A security guard at Wilson House said he had also seen five or six police cars along London End in Beaconsfield between 3pm and 4pm, adding that he thought a stolen car had crashed into a Biffa rubbish truck, though he hadn't seen it happen himself.

A shop worker at Fired Earth, on 35 London End, said she had also seen lots of people watching the scene unfold on the street.

"I saw the car after it had crashed, and the helicopter just above the road outside. I didn't see it actually happen, but there was a lot going on!"

The car involved in the incident was towed from the scene at around 3:50pm. 

Thames Valley Police has not yet issued an update on the incident but footage has emerged of two individuals reportedly involved in the incident being arrested by an officer.