A dog groomer will offer American XL Bully owners the chance to have a free washing session as he endeavours to change the breed's notorious reputation.

Following the ban on the XL bully breed, Premier Paws in Duck Farm Court, Aylesbury, is running a free dog wash event on Saturday, September 23, to directly counter Rishi Sunak's narrative, demonstrating a resolute conviction that such a move is "barbaric, unethical and inhumane".

The driving intention behind the initiative is to shower these dogs with well-earned pampering to fight against the "negative image" they have had in the press.

As part of the mission to change perceptions around these breeds, the event is also dedicated to allowing the community to see and interact with these dogs in a positive and caring environment.

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Premier Paws is inviting all bully breed owners to join them on Saturday to show their support for the banned breed.

Jordan Tobin runs the dog grooming salon and has an XL bully dog himself.

He said: "As some of you may know, there's been talk of banning the XL bully dog recently. I wanted to take a moment to express my strong disagreement with this kind of initiative.

"To me, the idea of banning certain dog breeds is nothing short of barbaric, unethical, and inhumane. It truly disgusts me that such a discussion would even occur in a nation full of pet lovers like ours. 

"In light of these circumstances, I believe now is the perfect time to shower our beloved bully breeds with some much-deserved pampering."  

Although the dog wash service is entirely free, Jordan is welcoming any voluntary donations to support the cause.

To ensure the event runs smoothly, Premier Paws is encouraging bully breed owners to book a spot for their canine friends ahead of time on a first-come, first-served basis.

Undoubtedly, each dog is promised a day filled with love, care, and respect.

Premier Paws hopes to rally together the community for these dogs, standing firm by the belief that they are truly incredible.

The business owner is also encouraging people to sign the petition calling for XL bullies not to be banned.

The petition launched by Glyn Saville has received 555,236 signatures and counting, which means Parliament has to consider this petition for debate.