Beaconsfield Services has once again been named as one of the best in the country following a recent study.

Conducted by motoring experts at Kia, research has revealed that the M40 location has been ranked the third greatest in the UK based on the thoughts of customers and commuters who recently visited the location.

The survey focused on overall quality, with the facility boasting a hotel, several national chain restaurants and 36 petrol pumps.

The latter element has made it the largest filling station in the country.

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A spokesperson from Kia said: We believe that every journey should be an exceptional experience, so we were keen to uncover new research to help motorists have an even better trip across the UK.

"Convenience and comfort are vital on the road, but aesthetically stunning surroundings can bring even more to your drive.

“We’re pleased to announce Beaconsfield is ranked as the third best in the UK.

“With a great variety of amenities, green surroundings, and a lakeside walk, Beaconsfield is an excellent stopping point for motorists looking for an exceptional, high-quality service station.”  

The new ranking from Kia looks at customer reviews, the number and quality of amenities, free parking duration, availability of EV charging and overall aesthetics of the 23 most popular service stations in the UK.

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Each metric was given a score and added up, with 1 being the best possible rating.

The lower the final score, the better the services. It found the top 10 most outstanding service stations in the UK, and their scores, are: 

1. Gloucester (M5) – 7 

2. Tebay (M6) – 10 

3. Beaconsfield (M40) – 16 

4. Stafford North (M6) – 29 

5. Cobham (M25) – 30 

6. Oxford (M40) – 33 

7. Fleet (M3) – 36 

8. Cornwall (A30) – 38 

9. Baldock (A1 M) – 41 

10.  Abington (M74) – 44