A driver was forced to pay over £500 after their car was seized outside a Buckinghamshire school for illegal parking and failing to stop for the police.

A spokesperson for the Thames Valley Police Force has explained to parents at Holy Trinity School in Marlow the reason behind an increased police presence at the site, citing multiple “complaints regarding parking issues”, one of which has resulted in a cumulative cost of over £500 for the driver in question.

A Community Support Officer was issuing a ticket to a blue vehicle that was causing an "unnecessary obstruction" to other cars in the vicinity of the school yesterday (September 27) when the driver returned to the vehicle and attempted to drive off despite being "verbally and visually instructed to stop". 

Subsequent police checks showed that the vehicle was not insured, and it was seized on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 27, under Section 165 of the Road Traffic Act, at a cost of £150 to the owner.

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The driver will be made to pay a total of £530 and be issued with six points on their license for having no insurance, failing to stop for a police officer and causing an unnecessary obstruction.

The police spokesperson concluded that it has been an “expensive day” for the owner, adding: “Those choosing to drive without insurance cause premiums to increase for all of us.”

They also shared an image of a white car forcing other vehicles into oncoming traffic and obscuring the view on the corner of the road adjoining Holy Trinity School, as another example of the parking issues in the area.