The Prime Minister said he would be a ‘very happy man’ if a local BBC radio station could get him make a cameo in a Star Wars production filming in Bucks.

Speaking to BBC Three Countries Radio, a service that covers Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, Rishi Sunak said that piloting an X-wing Starfighter, a spacecraft from the Star Wars franchise, was “one of his life’s bucket list things”, jokingly asking the BBC if they could “have a chat with the people who film the movies” at the franchise’s recent base, Pinewood Studios in Iver.

Though he declined to say which character he was most like, instead leaving “others to come to their own conclusions”, he told the station: “Who wouldn’t love to go on the Millennium Falcon and have that be your ship?

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“If they could get me a cameo in an X-wing and I would get to say, ‘Red Seven standing by’ before we take down the Death Star that would make me a very happy man, so that was always my childhood dream.”

It is not the first time Mr Sunak’s love of Star Wars has crossed over with his political career.

When he was appointed Chancellor in 2020, his predecessor Sajid Javid, also a Star Wars fan and friend of Mr Sunak, tweeted: “The Force is strong in young Sunak.”

Other British politicians have made occasional references to Star Wars in the Commons, including Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who once compared Boris Johnson with Jabba the Hutt, a giant slug-like alien, during Prime Minister’s Questions.