A new art gallery in a Bucks town will display works by celebrities including singer Bob Dylan and actor Johnny Depp.

Castle Fine Art, the UK’s leading group of retail art galleries, opened a new venue, at 6 Market Square in Marlow on Thursday, September 28, with Managing Director Ian Weatherby-Blythe excited to bring a “specially curated collection” to the “art-loving town”.

The Marlow gallery will showcase exclusive artworks created by Bob Dylan, Johnny Depp and Billy Connolly, among others, alongside original and limited-edition pieces by icons of the art world including Pop Art pioneer James Francis Gill and street artist Richard Hambleton.

Mr Weatherby-Blythe said the group had been planning to open a gallery space in Marlow for “some time” as it was aware of a “particular passion for fine art” amongst the town’s community.

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He added: “We are committed to making art accessible to all whilst uniting our collectors with exciting modern artists. We have finally found the perfect location for the new gallery and are really looking forward to becoming part of the community.”

Leonie Katsarona, Manager of the Marlow Gallery, also said she was “hugely excited” about the venue, adding: “My team and I are excited about connecting with a town whose residents are obviously very knowledgeable about art.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone and getting to know them and their tastes.”