A HUGE mural depicting memories of life in Amersham has been officially unveiled.

Work to create the colourful mural began in 2021 when volunteers of all ages interviewed Amersham senior residents from the reminiscence group for the Amersham Museum’s 30th anniversary book.

Then Buckinghamshire College students, led by the art and design technician Jenna Payne, spend dozens of hours carefully painting on 12 panels, which were erected on a prime location on the Amersham Royal Mail delivery office wall on Hill Avenue. 

The intergeneration mural project was “vital” to connect people of all ages in the town and make the elderly people feel seen and heard, Amersham mayor Elizabeth Shepherd said at the unveiling on Wednesday, October 4.

Jill Raws, 89, who had inspired the Amersham Town FC goal painting, was involved with the club for 50 years with her husband, including as a treasurer.

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She said bringing the young people and the elderly together was important as was the reminiscence group, where stories are shared.  

“Sadly, older people are often ignored and dismissed. We become invisible,” she said.  

Beth Jackson, 17, who wants to study animation, had painted the Regent cinema building with her friend Laetitia after seeing it in the anniversary book.

Jane Barnes from Amersham Action Group, one of the funding organisations of the project, said the town used to have cinema back in the day.

She said the mural has “connected many groups in the community who would not have normally met.”

The artwork, which was created using weather-proof materials, is expected to stay up for a long time to the delight of the entire town.