A famous park goose has died despite efforts to save her.  

A visitor in Lowndes Park in Chesham noticed on Sunday, September 24 that a goose nicknamed Mrs Big Goose had something wrong with her eye. 

Jenn Wren from Chesham went to look for the injured goose around Skottowe's Pond after her mum raised the alarm over its wellbeing.

She said Tiggywinkles wildlife animal hospital managed to rescue the hurt bird the following Thursday.

Bucks Free Press: Mrs Big Goose of Lowndes Park Mrs Big Goose of Lowndes Park (Image: Jenn Wren)

Jenn, who has a cat, dog and an aquarium, said: “When Tiggywinkles got back to me it shook me so bad as she was much worse than I had realised and they had to euthanise her.”

An avian specialist at Tiggywinkles told the woman the goose also had a serious head injury and she was struggling to stand, which led to the difficult decision to put her to sleep, she said. 

The woman praised the hospital for being really “helpful and kind”.

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“Birds often don’t show they are unwell or hurt until they can’t hide it anymore at which point it is often too late to save them. So even though she seemed to be walking fine she was obviously hiding a lot as when the vets was helping her she couldn’t hold herself up properly and was suffering,” the animal lover said.

Bucks Free Press: Due to a serious head injury, the goose had to be euthanisedDue to a serious head injury, the goose had to be euthanised (Image: Jenn Wren)

Mrs Big Goose was well-known by park visitors, who were touched by her fate, and many reacted to the news of her fate on OurChesham Facebook group.

Although Tiggywinkles told the woman there was nothing to suggest animal cruelty resulted in her injuries, she wanted to raise awareness about abandoned domestic waterfowl in public parks.

She said: “Not only is it illegal to abandon animals but they often suffer as a consequence. Many of these birds have been hand reared in a safe environment and don’t have street smarts. They are too trusting of humans and as a result often suffer abuse.”

Mrs Big Goose’s partner, who was waiting for her return, continues to live in Lowndes Park.