A resident has called out Buckinghamshire Council to take action after ‘dangerous’ potholes are pushing drivers on the pavement.  

Amersham resident Bharat Bhushan has had enough of the deep potholes on Park Road and he fears a "serious" incident will happen if they are not repaired. 

He raised the alarm about the potholed junction in the leafy residential area after reading a story in the Free Press about a dangerous footpath on Woodside Close outside the public toilets. 

He said the Park Road potholes were “10 times worse” and the road has been unrepaired for at least two years.

Bucks Free Press: The potholes on Park Road near Deans Close The potholes on Park Road near Deans Close (Image: Bharat Bhushan)

“It is really dangerous due to the size and number of potholes, some of them up to 80cm wide and more than 10cm deep.

“To make the matter worse, car drivers have started to drive across the grass verge to avoid driving over these potholes,” he explained.

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Buckinghamshire Council said they were currently "investigating the ownership of Park Road" to see who was responsible for any repair works. 

The grass verge next to a narrow pavement is used by school children and parents and it sits on a “blind-ish corner”, the worried resident said.

Bucks Free Press: The grass verge has become a road The grass verge has become a road (Image: Bharat Bhushan)

He said it was a “serious incident waiting to happen.”

Bharat has placed a number of wooden stumps across the verge to discourage drivers from mounting the grass and to try “avoid any serious incidents.”

Despite numerous reports about the potholes on FixMyStreet online portal, the Council has closed the case and said it's not the Council's responsibility, Bharat said.

Buckinghamshire Council's cabinet member for transport Steven Broadbent said: “We are currently carrying out an extensive programme of permanent repairs all over the county to ensure our roads are in safe conditions.

 "We investigate all reports of potholes and road damage reported to us and are currently investigating the ownership of Park Road. Once this has been clarified, we will take appropriate action and make necessary repairs if this site should be maintained by us. Meanwhile, we urge everyone to report potholes on FixMyStreet or call the emergency customer services if they see a defect that could be dangerous.”