The Downley School has officially become a part of the Oxford Diocesan Bucks School Trust (ODBST) family.

This heralds a new era for the High Wycombe school, as it will receive significant funding to enhance the school's building, facilities and IT infrastructure.

The ODBST asserts this move is part of a wider, continued commitment to boost the quality of both facilities and education provided, aiming to offer optimum opportunities in a high-grade learning environment for the pupils and families of Downley.

Interim headteacher, Leanne Dandridge, said: “We are delighted to join the ODBST - a Trust that has the experience and a proven track record of success across a number of schools.

"Pupils and staff will benefit from a wide range of support and expertise which will help to further improve The Downley school in many areas.

"A number of changes have already had a positive impact and we have been thankful for the guidance of ODBST shared services team as we settle into a new beginning.

"The leadership team are thankful to the parents and staff for their support and patience throughout the academisation process. It is an exciting time for The Downley School and we very much look forward to embarking on our next stage of school improvement with the ODBST.”   

The ODBST currently boasts 12 schools and has attracted ample interest from local schools contemplating joining.

The Trust avows pupils at the Downley School will benefit from schemes and activities present across Trust's schools, supporting their academic growth and personal development.

The Chair of Governors, Saly Perkins, said: ‘It is an exciting new chapter for The Downley School, joining the ODBST will only enhance our improvement journey, with the support of the trust we will continue to build on our fantastic offer for our children, families and community.

"I am very much looking forward to seeing the amazing developments to our site that will significantly improve our learning environment."