The council has not received any reports of bed bugs amid widespread concern.

Buckinghamshire Council has reassured their pest control contractors Dial A Pest said they "haven't seen any increase in requests to deal with bed bugs in the county."

It comes after Luton Council received an "alarming number" of calls to tackle bedbugs amid fears that outbreaks in Paris could spread to the UK.

Luton Council issued guidance on what people should do to prepare their homes for "treatment".

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Likewise, Bucks Council have pointed out how residents can get in touch with their services, should bed bugs arise.

Pest treatments are carried out by Dial A Pest, part of SDK Environmental.

You can book a pest treatment if you have a problem at your property with: rats and mice, squirrels, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, cluster flies, black ants and wasps.

Bed Bugs are a small, flat, reddish-coloured insect of about 6mm length.

During the day they hide in crevices in furniture, bed frames, skirting boards etc, and at night they come out to feed. Unfortunately, they feed on human blood, and they will also bite pet animals.

The signs of bed bugs are bites on the body, little black dots on wallpaper near the bed, and cast skins which look like little empty Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly common and they are easily transferred from one house to another in furniture, bedding or luggage.

Bedbugs have been reported in cinemas, trains, hospitals and schools amid national panic over the issue in France, with many cases focused on Paris.